Big and Little Films

is a dynamic and diverse film and television production company, based in Melbourne, Australia. It is a subsidiary of Matchbox Pictures


At Big and Little Films, we believe:
• That there are many audiences, and all of them deserve to be respected.
• That years of process is as important as minutes of product.
• That making something should be an act of generosity.
• That filmmakers create culture as well as entertainment but culture is only transmitted when it is seen.
• That in a world of scarcity, a film has to be worth the resources it takes to make it.
• That greed is the enemy.
• That you should only work with people you would want to have dinner with.

Accolades for 'Saved'

Writer Belinda Chayko and Director Tony Ayres have both been recognised for their superb contributions to Big and Little Films' recent telemove Saved, which screened on SBS earlier in the year.

Saved web

Belinda has been awarded the 2009 Australian Writer's Guild Award for Best Writing in an Original Telemovie, while Tony was awarded the 2009 Australian Director's Guild Award for Best Achievement in Directing for Telemovie. We send our congratulations to both of them. Their most recent collaboration, Lou, is a feature film which Belinda has written and directed and Tony has produced alongside Michael McMahon and Helen Bowden. Lou is currently in post production, and more information can be found here.



About Us

Michael McMahon and Tony Ayres have positioned Big and Little Films Pty Ltd as one of Australia’s most exciting independent production companies working in feature films, documentary and television drama. Between them, they have written, directed and produced films which have won prestigious awards both in Australia and internationally. Along the way, the company has forged strong working relationships with many of the key players in the Australian and International film and television industries.

The strength of Big and Little Films is that the company is a genuine and committed creative partnership between a writer/script editor/director and a lawyer/producer. This complementary range of skills gives the company the capacity to generate attractive ideas, develop these ideas into high quality scripts and place these projects into diverse sectors of the market.

In 2008, the company continues to develop and finance its ambitious slate of feature films, documentaries and television projects for the Australian and International markets, working with some of Australia’s most talented writers and directors.

In 2008 Big and Little Films joined forces with Chapman Pictures, Panckhurst Productions and Cicada Films to form Matchbox Pictures, an umbrella rights, management and sales company. Follow us on Twitter

We also run an on-site editing facility, Un-Cut Pictures Pty Ltd.




Drama > 90 mins > HD > IN PRODUCTION

Rejected by her father, a young girl finds love through a dangerous game with her Alzheimic grandfather.

John hurt lou web

Just as suddenly as Lou’s father walked out of her life, her grandfather tangos in – bringing chaos to the council house Lou shares with her mother and sisters. Doyle, who has Alzheimer’s Disease, confuses 11-year-old Lou with his former wife. Lou plays along, using Doyle to gain power over her mother. But instead of power, Lou finds love.

Writer/Director Belinda Chayko
Producers Michael McMahon, Tony Ayres, Helen Bowden
Script Editor Tony Ayres
Cast John Hurt, Emily Barclay

Genre Drama
Target Audience Age 25+, Arthouse
Status Shoot early 2009; deliver late 2009
Finance Development - Australian Film Commission, NSW Film and Television Office
Production - Screen Australia, NSW Film and Television Office, Film Victoria, South Australian Film Commission, Matchbox Pictures
Sales and Distribution International Sales - Bankside Films, Australian distribution - Kojo Pictures